Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adam Selzer is the Kingpin of the YA Mafia

I may get fired for this. I may even find myself wearing cement shoes at the bottom of the Chicago River (which is mere blocks from HQ, conveniently enough). But by now perhaps you've seen some blog posts about the supposed group of young adult novelist known as the "YA Mafia" - the all-powerful group that blurbs each others' books and can ruin your career.

Well, it's all true. And Adam Selzer is the kingpin.  He takes shadowy meetings and owns a pipe. He lives RIGHT by a bakery that makes GREAT canoli and a toffee place that used to be a sandwich place where the mob whacked a guy in the 70s - a guy that Sam Giancana, mob kingpin, supposedly said was the triggerman who hit JFK. And He JUST GOT OFFERED A GIG WRITING A BOOK ABOUT THE CHICAGO MOB.

Seriously. Selzer is VERY well connected. He knows LOTS of stuff about ghosts and mysteries that he hasn't posted on the Weird Chicago Blog.  And I swear to God I've seen Claudia Gray eating spaghetti at Smart Aleck Headquarters.

Here's a picture of Adam eating canoli on Grand today:
Want proof @adamselzer heads the #YAmafia? Here he is EATING ... on Twitpic

Here are some recent tweets I've made about this:

I am outing @adamselzer as the kingpin of the #YaMafia . I'll probably wake up underwater for this....

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