Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sparks Arcs (boy, is that fun to say out loud!)

I'm weird about ARCs. They're fun to get, but they're also UNCORRECTED. I feel like people are seeing me in my underwear when they read them. Copyediting is scheduled to start late this week, then the final, fully clothed version will hit the printers in September. Sometimes I just fix typos in copyediting, and sometimes the process gets more involved than that. I know Adam Selzer fixed a LOT in the last, post-arc stages of EXTRAORDINARY, the book out the same day as SPARKS.

Anyway, you can see that I've been productive lately. But Adam? Well, that's another story. He's been wasting his time with music. He has a gig at a sci fi convention next weekend, and he just recorded a new album with his 8th grade band, SCAPEGOAT.

They were not the first band to be called that. Nor would they be the last. Scapegoat was just two guys - Adam and a friend of his. In their songs, they claim to be nogoodniks who beat up little kids, drink a LOT of slushees, and terrorize their algebra class (note: algebra class was a LONG time ago, guys!) 

They have never, ever released an unexpurgated version of any of their songs - most of them are really inappropriate (or, at the very least, unlistenably bad). You know Goofus and Gallant? Well, Scapegoat is Goofus and Goofus.  

However, while they were in the same town, they played a three song set at a local venue, marking their first live appearance on Earth since 1995. One uncut recording from it, a new song called "Something Scapegoat This Way Comes," is up on their new facebook page. It's about them beating up little kids (yeah, half their songs are about themselves) (and, yeah, there are few little kids in the world they could actually take on).

More will come soon. Part of our job on-staff is to find and catalog Scapegoat's entire output and figure out what to do with it. Most of the time, the answer to THAT one is easy (burn it before anyone else hears it, for Gd's sake), but some of it IS getting worked into new dance mixes and stuff. Lord help us.  See their page.

So that's what ADAM has been wasting his time on. While I flip through my awesome new arc and work on casting the trailer.

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