Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SPARKS giveaway!

SPARKS hit shelves all over today. Enter the HOLY QUEST giveaway! 

In the book, Emma and Tim go on Holy Quests for their made-up religion, Bluedaism. Some goals on their "holy quest checklist" include: 

"Find someone in Des Moines with a Scottish accent" 
"kick old ladies' butts at Bingo" 
"shake hands with someone who has the same name as a former US president" 
"pee in the 18th hole at the golf course" 
"plant a pressed ham at the governor's mansion"
"convince a guy with a bad combover to shave his head"
"touch something from ancient Rome"
"find a guy in a suit and tie at George the Chili King"

Suggest a new holy quest goal of your own to us at staff@smartalecksguide.com and be entered in a contest for one of five free copies! Bonus points if you actually complete the goal!

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