Thursday, February 10, 2011

SJ Adams here

Busy morning at Smart Aleck Headquarters! I'm trying to do last-minute revisions on my book, SPARKS: THE EPIC, COMPLETELY TRUE BLUE (ALMOST) HOLY QUEST OF DEBBIE (which was originally going to be called Debbie Does Detention, but good luck getting THAT into Barnes and Noble!). Meanwhile, I'm in charge of shepherding the interns around while Adam is "in the field."

Now, "in the field" could mean a lot of things. Maybe he's digging through some murderer's papers at the law library. Maybe he and Mike are in the tunnels underneath the condo where some old film studio used to be looking for Old Man Selig's stash of silent film prints. Or maybe he's volunteering for Rahm Emmanuel. He might just be out stomping around in the Chicago snow pretending he's a Yeti or something (I swear he does this).

Anyway, he left me here to try to get to the bottom of this unauthorized Spanish translation of I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED it that's floating around (he acts like he's going off to fight with pirates over it, but I think he's secretly flattered), but I really do want to get this book done!

Now that I have a blog, maybe I should host a giveaway or a meme or something, huh?


  1. A giveaway or a meme, eh?

    Also, considering that Chicago IS a frozen tundra, the yeti thing might just be a good way to get from point a to point b without freezing to death and/or going crazy. Thoughts?

  2. Jeez, Emily - why do you hate bloggers? :)

    One CAN stomp through the snow without going "FEE FI FO FUM" and singing "A World Of Adventure / ALog the River of Men" at the top of one's lungs, like Adam does (dork). It's not like we have mountains here, like the Himalayas (though some of those snow piles are getting close!) Normally our biggest hills here are the speed bumps.

  3. (THis is SJ, by the way. I'm just making fun of Adam from his own account)


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